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Loveless' Latest is a Gift to the World
Rolling Stonehill, Stonehill College
March 2004

Three years after their self-titled, five song EP was released to give the fans a mere taste of the new material, Loveless has finally gotten around to laying down the six new tracks to complete their first full-length album. Let me say this: years of sifting through demos, waiting for red tape to clear, and anticipating the arrival of a baby have paid off for this band.

Loveless, a mutt group of musicians calling Boston its (original) home, is comprised of members who have seen some form of recognition over the years. These members include Dave Wanamaker (lead vocals/guitar) and Pete Armata (bass), both formerly of Expanding Man; Jen Trynin on backing vox and guitar, a new mother who saw minimal fame as an artist signed to Warner Bros. Records; and drummer Tom Polce, formerly of now-defunct Letters to Cleo.

I recently had a chance to interview Wanamaker, and he proclaimed that the band definitely knows where it wants to be in respects to their histories. "I think that if this band were our first time out, we would have different expectations," said Wanamaker. "But since we all have had success of different kinds with other bands it keeps our heads in the right place."

Prodding a little further, I was curious as to whether this meant that Loveless was happy without major-label backing?

Well, I suppose we'd take a (major label) deal if it was the right one. The record business is in such a fucked up time right now it's hard to say. For now we are working really hard to get this record off the ground with Q Division (records)."

The record he speaks of, Gift To The World, is swarming with up-tempo, driving tracks that will quell the desires of any true music fan. Wanamaker describes the music on Gift as "Rock and Roll in a 1971 corvette convertible," and take my word, you will want to drop the top while spinning this CD in your car, regardless of the New England temps.

With towering riffs, infectious vocals/lyrics, and mesmerizing tunes, there is no doubt you will be doing all you can to stop yourself from busting out some nasty air guitar while listening to the record (please, for everyone's sake, refrain).

The pop-impresario is revealed in Wanamaker through his brilliant lyrics and contagious arrangements. In "Beautiful" (the song formerly titled "Tonight" on the EP), Dave conveys, "Tonight/I only want to feel beautiful." Jen Trynin, commenting on the rarity for a male to admit wanting to feel beautiful, said that Wanamaker writing such a lyric is "so odd that it's amazing," and I must concur!

Other standout tracks are "Go" (the first single, currently receiving spins on WFNX and WBCN), "A Gift to the World", "You Wore Me Out", and "Stick to the Girl." Each one blasts off with hooks that would put a career fisherman to shame and vocal arrangements that will leave you craving for more. The other tracks on the album are all equivalent to the aforementioned, but a couple do seem a bit too similar in style and sound. Regardless of that, with ripe, catchy albums like Gift To The World, Loveless needn't worry about pushing an indy album for much longer!

The new album dropped in November, and you can find it at any Newbury Comics location (as well as on Loveless' website). Check out the redesigned site at, take a listen to some sound clips, and hit up some of their local tour dates to witness an energetic live show that will leave you begging for an encore!

Album Grade: A-

- Eddie Quinn III



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