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Listen Up
July 23, 2002

I've been wanting to see Loveless live for several months and finally had a chance to check them out at The Lizard Lounge last week sharing a bill with Nathan Brulee and Reverse. Based on each band member's individual backgrounds and the songs on their February 2002 self-titled EP, I had a feeling the show would be entertaining.

Loveless is a pop/rock band from Boston/New York City whose name comes from a My Bloody Valentine album. The band's lineup consists of notable Boston rockers:

Dave Wanamaker (lead vocals, guitar) from Expanding Man
Pete Armata (bass) from Expanding Man
Jen Trynin (guitar, back-up vocals)
Tom Polce (drums) from Letters to Cleo

When it comes to my favorite bands, I'm always a bigger fan of live shows than recorded albums. Loveless is no exception. Don't get me wrong: the EP is great. Outstanding, in fact. But there's really nothing quite like seeing a live performance. Especially when it's a band that does their thing live so well. Dave Wannamaker's voice and lyrics are equally fabulous. My favorite Loveless song is definitely "Go." It's been playing in my head for days. It's interesting to hear Jen Trynin as backing vocals since she had previously released several albums (including two on Warner Brothers) as a lead singer. Fortunately it all works out and the band proves to be a complimentary mix of immense talent.

A few amusing moments at the Lizard Lounge show included Pete Armata adjusting the little track lights above him so the light hit his bass just right. And then there was the dangling cigarette hanging from his mouth while he rocked out.

An MP3 of "Darling Would You" and Real Audio files for the rest of the album are available for download at Loveless' website. You can also download a couple MP3s on Loveless' page at I wasn't able to get "Go" to download from MTV but "Tonight" downloaded just fine. The EP is available online for $6 from Q Division, the band's label. Loveless is currently working on a full length album. It will be interesting to see how well received the band is beyond Boston.

Posted by sooz at July 23, 2002 12:00 PM



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