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Rolling Stonehill 03.2004
Spin Magazine 02.2004
Boston Globe 01.29.04
Boston Phoenix 01.16.04
Juicy Magazine 01.2004
Rolling Stone 12.25.03
Boston Globe 12.11.03
Boston Metro 12.8.03
Boston Globe 12.7.03
Amplifier Magazine 12.03
Boston Phoenix 11.13.03
Boston Phoenix 9.12.03
Boston Herald 9.8.03
The Noise 9.06.2003
Good Times Magazine 9.2002 Listen up 7.2002
Village Voice 6.2002
The Noise 6.2002
The Noise 5.06.02
The Noise 4.2002 2.2002
Boston Globe 1.11.02
Boston Phoenix:
Cellars By Starlight 11.21.01

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Rock Around Boston

The Noise

...Headlining the evening is the return of Loveless. Dave Wanamaker, Loveless frontman, used to be in Expanding Man with Aaron Lippert, and they seem really happy to be sharing this bill. Dave is in rare form, firing on all cylinders. His voice sounds smooth, rich, and controlled, and then he throws his head back and lets out one of his magnificent screams. His guitar leads, which were great before, seem to have gotten better during the semi-downtime. And he seems really happy to be playing, which has not always been the case. The band is tight and rocking, and it's so, so good to have Jen Trynin back. She's the Wild Witch of the Wah-wah Pedal. I really don't think I can describe or explain what she does with that device; it's like she's using it as a whole other instrument. Loveless close with "Suicide Machines," on which the wah-wah is most indispensable, and the ending goes on and on and on in frenetic glory. Jen's voice sounds great, and the mix is such that I can actually hear both of them singing! This is a rare and beautiful thing. I wish that this band would record these songs, so that I could hear them when they're not playing, but as long as they keep playing shows as good as this one, I'll keep coming back.

- Steve Gisselbrecht

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