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Loveless in the News:
Rolling Stonehill 03.2004
Spin Magazine 02.2004
Boston Globe 01.29.04
Boston Phoenix 01.16.04
Juicy Magazine 01.2004
Rolling Stone 12.25.03
Boston Globe 12.11.03
Boston Metro 12.8.03
Boston Globe 12.7.03
Amplifier Magazine 12.03
Boston Phoenix 11.13.03
Boston Phoenix 9.12.03
Boston Herald 9.8.03
The Noise 9.06.2003
Good Times Magazine 9.2002 Listen up 7.2002
Village Voice 6.2002
The Noise 6.2002
The Noise 5.06.02
The Noise 4.2002 2.2002
Boston Globe 1.11.02
Boston Phoenix:
Cellars By Starlight 11.21.01

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Self-titled EP
(Q Division)

Named after a My Bloody Valentine album, Loveless shares the same sonic space as the legendary shoegazers but definitely infuses a strong pop sensibility into the songs. No tape loops or studio experimention on this EP, rather Loveless, led by ex-Expanding Men guitarist Dave Wanamaker, creates big sounding rock songs where the guitars drone and the vocals soar. In a way, Loveless shares more in common with Catherine Wheel than MBV, especially in vocal similarities. The synth-driven "Darling Would You" sounds like a collaboration between the aforementioned Catherine Wheel and The Cure - guitars echo, vocals slink, choruses build and fall. Also worth noting, Loveless features the guitar playing (and backing vocal) talent of Jen Trynin, the one-time solo artist whose Liz Phair-sounding "Better Than Nothing" proved to be an alt.rock highlight in '97.

- Chip Midnight

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